Above: 8 illustrations from The Kooya Stone portraying the Traveler's quest through the land of Kooya to learn the workings of his destiny.

The Kooya Stone


Like many of us feel at time or another, the Traveler is unbearable anxious about his uncertain future!


Determined not to let anxiety get the best of him, he peers into the legendary Kooya Stone, which stands tall upon the summit of an ancient mountain, for answers to his inner–discomfort.


His Destiny appears, a stubborn old Iris Guard who protects the law of moods itself.


Destiny will not let the cosmic forces of anxiety simply disappear from life, as the Traveler wishes!


Anxiety is a key component to being for it helps us reach who we are meant to be!


The Traveler, unable to see how, is  booted by Destiny off the crystal precipice into the abyss, to learn a new awareness to be empowered by anxiety's many colors.

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Language: English

Genre: Spirituality/Adventure

Illustrated: 9 original photo–illustrations

Published: Feb 20, 2014

Size: 44.7 MB

©2014 Adam Bryant Chittenden