The Kooya Stone

The Kooya Stone is a spiritual guidebook in the guise of a fantasy story. It shares a methodology you can use, dear reader, to accept your anxieties as helpers verse pestilent villians.


Our story begins when a young Traveler looks into the magical Kooya Stone. The Stone's forces propel him into the land of Kooya where Beings of mood teach him how to listen to his anxiety. He must learn to accept anxiety as his ally and let it help him or else his own growth, along with the world's story, will wither and cease.

About the Author


Adam is an award–winning surreal photographer. His medium is digital photo–montage. He blends photographs of natural elements to create new contexts in which we can appreciate Nature's many qualities and moods.


'The Kooya Stone' is his first completed work of fiction. It is a fantasy story which builds on his visual work. It examines ways we can consciously live our days, as beings part of the continuum of Nature's creation, to discover the mystery of ourselves and grow in time toward living our individual dreams and seeing our lives from fresh, new perspectives.

Above: The illustrations from 'The Kooya Stone' portraying the Traveler, a student of Nature's forces flowing in our beings. He gazes into the Kooya Stone to find an answer to his fears of the world’s unknown future.

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