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The Kooya Stone


The Traveler feels unbearable, ceaseless prickles of anxiety in his gut.


He peers into the eternal light of the Kooya Stone to find answers and is challenged by his Destiny to embrace a new awareness of being.


He is reluctant, but Destiny's sharp silver sword forces him into the perilous and glorious jungles of Kooya to meet the forces of his own potential.


Language: English

Genre: Spirituality/Adventure

Illustrated: 9 original photo–illustrations

Published: Feb 20, 2014

Size: 44.7 MB

Customer Review:


"I loved reading The Kooya Stone. It is one of those stories whose deep meaning is not found in the interesting title or the beautiful photographs that grace each chapter. The story is told through metaphor and fantasy - the true identity of this tale is one that everyone can relate to - the idea that "anxiety" is prevalent in some shape or form in all of our lives. So common, that we accept stress and the anxiety it provokes as just an everyday occurrence. But for each of us the anxieties eventually have to be faced and dealt with or we face other consequences."



Here is a gallery of illustrations I made documenting the Traveler's journey into Kooya on his way to solve the problem of anxiety's ceaseless prickle in his gut.

The Silver Water Glass

My newest project


I will be posting three images a week showing this silver water drops' journey through mysterious areas of the land of Kooya.


In truth, the water drop is a silver looking glass. I use it as a metaphorically tool when I take photographs. It helps me shake up my concepts of things, free my vision to see new perspectives and feel the vastness of possibilities in my every day life.


I suggest you give it a try.


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©2014 Adam Bryant Chittenden