Above: a gallery of images I made to illustrate the Traveler's journey through the land of Kooya!

The Kooya Stone


In my first spiritual–fantasy novella, you’ll follow a questioning Traveler into the flower jungles of the land of Kooya.


You see, like many of us feel at one time or another, he is unbearable anxious about life!


Determined not to let anxiety get the best of him, he peers into the legendary Kooya Stone, which stands tall upon the summit of an ancient mountain, for help alleviating his inner–discomfort...


His Destiny appears, a stubborn old Iris Guard who protects the rules of life itself in the land of Kooya.


Destiny cannot let the cosmic rule of anxiety simply disappear, as the Traveler wishes! It knows anxiety is a key component to helping us reach who we are meant to be!


Thus, it states a fundamental truth to the Traveler:


Feelings of anxiety can be used to transform our lives and consequently the world into better health.


The Traveler, to stubborn to accept this, is promptly booted by Destiny off the crystal precipice into the abyss, to deal with a vicious and ego-centric Baron poisoning all dreams in the land of Kooya!


To defeat the destructive Baron, he must learn how to be empowered by his anxiety.


Read the book to find out how!


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Language: English

Genre: Spirituality/Adventure

Illustrated: 9 original photo–illustrations

Published: Feb 20, 2014

Size: 44.7 MB

©2014 Adam Bryant Chittenden